Opening the Uruk-Hai Season!


Mae govannen!

As I mentioned on a previous post, I'll be focusing on some Uruk-hai for the next blogging times.

And I'm tremendously excited for it! Let's just say I longed to get done with the Hobbit project (Escape from Goblin Town) and to move forward. 

Here are the miniatures that will be part of the next several blog posts, as you can see:

  • 6 x Feral Uruk-hai
  • 4 x Isengard Scout Command
  • 4 x Isengard Warrior Command
  • 8 x Berserkers
  • 4 x Uruk-hai Crossbows
  • 1 x Mauhúr (Hero of Isengard)

Every ingredient as come together for me to declare the opening of the Uruk-hai Season!

Who are the Uruk-hai?

Uruk-hai warrior painted in 2016.

"In the year 2475 of the Third Age a new breed of Orkish soldiery came out of Mordor. These were called the Uruk-hai. They were black-skinned, black-blooded and lynx-eyed, nearly as tall as Men and unafraid of light.

The Uruk-hai were of greater strength and endurance than the lesser Orcs, and more formidable in battle. They wore black armour and black mail; they wielded long-swords and spears and carried shields emblazoned with the Red Eye of Mordor.

The breeding of Uruk-hai numbered among Sauron's most terrible deeds. By what method Sauron bred these things is not known, but they proved to be well suited to his evil purpose. Their numbers multiplied and they went among all the lesser Orcs and often became their captains or formed legions of their own, for the Uruk-hai were proud of their fighting prowess and disdainful of the lesser servants of Sauron.

[...] Throughout the War of the Ring the Uruk-hai were among the forces that came from Morgul and Mordor. And Under the banner of the White Hand of Saruman they came in vast numbers out of Isengard into the battle of the Hornburg. Yet, with the end of the War and the fall of Mordor, the Uruk-hai were as straw before fire, for with Sauron gone they, with the lesser Orcs and other evil beasts, wandered masterless and were slain or driven into hiding where they might only feed on one another, or die."

Source: David Day, Tolkien, the Illustrated Encyclopaedia

And that's it, the first post of what's about to come in my next approaches to the hobby.
Until next time! Keep on Painting and Wargaming!
And don't forget to have fun doing so!



  1. A great start to an Uruk army! Going right for the heavy hitters - I did it the same way when I started my Uruk legion.

    1. That's right! Good to know there's a hobby pattern on Isengard players :)



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