New Times, New Name!


In April 2014 I've started this blog. At the time I called it "Middle Earth Minis", and through the past 8 years it has been my hobbying headquarters.

When I first started, I was far from knowing the game would one day be called "Middle-Earth sbg", but now it does, and I'm gradually feeling that the widespread name has resulted in a certain devaluation of the name I have chosen back in 2014 (I acknowledge it wasn't the most original name choosing from my part 😂).

Well, today the name changes, and so begins a new chapter for me and the blog.
The blog might maintain it's original name for a few months, but it will eventually change.

From now on, my hobbying headquarters shall be called "Smoke Ring Miniatures", inspired by Tolkien, Gandalf and Led Zeppelin, off course!
Lets hope for some great miniature painting times!!

"I'm my thoughts I have seen,
Rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking!"

Until next time! 
Keep on Painting and Wargaming!
Also, don't forget to have fun doing so!



  1. I love seeing your work here and love the new name!

    1. Many thanks my friend!
      Lets hope for good omens with the new name :D


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