Painting: Uruk-Hai with Crossbows


Mae govannen.

Welcome to another tutorial my friends. 
This time I will paint four Uruk-hai crossbowers, and I will mostly follow the classic three-step method (basecoat-wash-highlight), a simple and fast way to get miniatures done.

How to paint Uruk-hai crossbowers?

I: The entire armour and metallic parts of the crossbow were basecoted with a dark-silver paint;

II: The same parts of the previous step were than shaded with a black wash;

III: All the metallic parts were carefully highlighted with a light-silver paint. I focused mostly on the edges of the armour and crossbow. I also drybrushed the mail coat; 

IV: For the first step of the skin I went for a basecoat of a red-brown paint(I used old Citadel's Dark Flesh, but you can use Doombull Brown which is the current match)

V: Unlike the skin of Men, the darker tone of the uruks oblige us to shade it with an equally darker tone. In this step I used a brown wash;

VI: For the highlighting step I mixed the paint used for the basecoat with a skin toned paint to achieve a lighter colour. The highlights were applied to the most prominent muscles;

VII: I usually basecoat the wooden parts of the miniatures with the same paint: a desaturated dark-brown. That's the colour used for the crossbow;

VIII: In this step, a leathery mid-brown was used for two things: to basecoat the cloth (quivers, belt and straps) and to highlight the wooden part of the crossbow.

IX: The highlights of the leather parts were done with a bone/light-brown paint. I edge highlighted them and also painted some lines to get a used leather pattern;

X: The leather brown parts were then glazed with a thinned-down brown wash;

XI: There's only the gloves and the hair left. These were basecoated with a very dark-grey;

XII: After the dark grey basecoat I highlighted the hair and the gloves with a light-grey. I tried to pick the hair-strands with an overbrush and edge highlighted the gloves (fingers and top).

XIII: The final step is another glaze. This time I thinned-down a black wash and applied it to the entirety of the hair and gloves to bring all the greys together and tone them down.

After these thirteen steps the miniature is ready to be varnished and to have its base finished (I have also painted a White-hand of Saruman on them, but I'll leave it for another post).


The four Uruk-hai batch painted for this tutorial.

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And that is all for this post and tutorial!

I will certainly keep painting and upgrading my Isengard army in the near future.

Until next time! Keep on Painting and Wargaming!
Also, don't forget to have fun doing so!