38th post - Orc Skin!

Hey guys, in this post I'll explain how i did the different types of orc skin on my Mordor orcs.

It is actually a very simple process.
The first thing I did, painting the skins, was basecoating all in Vallejo Deck Tan.
Then I've just applied the washes, and it's finished. The skins are going to look like they're stained but thats exactly my goal. The result looks really cool for these orcs.
I got all this washes from Vallejo so, there's infinite possibilities with them:

And now, here are the different skin tones I got by mixing all these washes:

 This one is a cool brownish green got thru the mixing of:

20% Blue Wash
20% Pale Grey Wash
30% Umber Wash
30% Green Wash
 The mix for this one is:

60% Green Wash
30% Pale Grey Wash
10% Sepia Wash

This one results from mixing:

40% Umber Wash
25% Sepia Wash
20% Pale Grey Wash
15% Green Wash

And finally, this last one results from:

10% Pale Grey Wash
30% Fleshtone Wash
40% Sepia Wash
20% Umber Wash

Hope you guys find this post helpful.
Stay Well ;)