87th post - I'm alive!

Well, hello hobby friends :)
It has been a really long time since I've made my last post.
Due to my university schedule I've had so few time left to paint anything... I think I'm starting to feel itchy ahah ... it just felt to me that I had to get back to the blog, not in full strength (as I would like) but at least to let you know that I haven't lost my love for the hobby :)

So, if you don't know the latest news yet, we're going to have some new miniatures on the Hobbit hobby :D
Great news for the fans of this line :P

Dain Ironfoot
Iron Hills Army
Iron Hills Balista
Until next time ;)
Happy hobbying.


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    1. Thanks MichaƂ :)
      I'll try to be more active ... at least so I can keep track of what you and the rest of the hobby guys are doing :D

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    1. Eheh thanks Michael :)
      I sure miss all this miniature atmosphere ahahah


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