85th post - Dark Brown Horse!

Hi friends :)

Well, firstly, I must say that lately (about the last two months) I've been a little off the hobby due to a bit of unmotivation. I think it is pretty normal since I was painting in a great pace for a long time.

I'm currently struggling to get my motivation back and keep up with my painting, so this week I've painted a horse, just to get the engines running.

This horse belongs to a banner bearer of Gondor, that will be my next figure for the number 55 of the BGiME.
As usual, I've also made a little video of me painting it, and I would like to ask you all to give me your feedback and also some advices. :)

Concerning the video, I'm currently trying to find the better way to record, the better lighting conditions and place. So, this video might not be of a great quality... I'm giving my best to improve. :)

All said, let's get to the photos:

And now, the youtube video:

I know it isnt much, but I hope you guys like it :D

Happy hobbying.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal
      I'm looking to finish the rider this month... I can't tell how much I miss painting xD

  2. Hola Amigo
    gran trabajo
    un saludo

  3. Belíssimo!!! Força Tiago, não podes deixar os fans "na mão" !!!! Um antidoto para a desmotivação é mudar de tema de vez em quando - que tal uns "históricos" para variar...? ;) Abraço e bom regresso à lide!!

    1. Obrigado Rogério.
      Bem, a faculdade tem-me consumido o tempo por completo...
      O que vale é que as férias já estão á porta e posso finalmente matar as saudades!!
      Abraço :)

  4. Beautiful! I have almost no experience painting horses, but I hope to learn the skills necessary. Thank you for the video.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michael :)
      Well, I'm not really an expert either, but my skills have been developed a little bit... still much room for improvement xD


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