78th post - Gamling!

Hey guys :D

This time I present Gamling to you.
Gamling was an old commanding man of Helms Deep.
He was the leader of the watchers of that fortress and a brave fighter in the times of the siege of the Uruk-hai's.

In the films though, Gamling is the leader of the personal guard of King Théoden.
Brave man he is!!!!!


This is another GW's great model! Amazing pose and sculpt.
For Gamling I've decided to record all the progress of the painting and then post it in Youtube. So, this time, I'll not post any photo of the paints that I've used, but the videos instead (I believe it is a good change) :D

Hope you guys like it :)

And now the videos:

And here it is :D
I'd like to ask you friends, to rate this post (above the comments: reactions) as it helps me improve my work... and please, be honest (for good and bad) :D

Wish you all a very good weekend and happy hobbying mates


  1. Fantastic mini!!!! Remaind me all brave vikings!!!

    1. Yes, the nordic/viking culture inspired most of Tolkien's work really, and the Rohan people resemble that in the most perfect way :)
      Even their names are a prove of that :)

  2. Excellent, love the pose and the paint job!

  3. Gamling was always on of my favorites you did a great job on him. I like the music you used for the painting videos though I don't like Citadel paints. I use Vallejo paints.

    1. Thanks Robert :D
      I too use Vallejo (they're amazing). I prefer to have a lot of possibilities and then use what I want :)

  4. Great work on a nice sculpt - the pose certainly conveys a lot of the character.

    1. Thanks Dean :D
      Yes, the pose is pretty awesome and fits perfectly on him :)

  5. Hola Amigo
    Buen trabajo si señor
    un saludo


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