54th post - Lord Elrond!

Lord Elrond is finished :)

For this one I used the following paints:

  • Cadian Fleshtone;
  • Kislev Flesh;
  • Auric Armour Gold;
  • Ironbreaker;
  • Dryad Bark;
  • XV-88;
  • Nuln Oil;
  • Goblin Green (old citadel);
  • Enchanted Blue (old citadel).
Army Painter
  • Quickshade Strong Tone Ink;
  • Ultramarine Blue;
  • Greenskin;
  • Matt Black;
  • Matt White;
  • Leather Brown.
  • Old Gold;
  • Basic Skintone;
  • Sepia Shade;
  • Fleshtone Shade;
  • Green Shade;
  • Blue Shade.


  1. love it. My one suggestion would be to add a bit more depth to the cloak either with a further highlight or another wash in the recesses only. does this mean we'll be seeing the witchking next? I'll be painting that over the next week too!

    1. Thanks Vincent :)
      I think this is one of those cases in which the miniature looks better at naked eye.
      I look at the photos and it seems like there's no depth on the cloak, when there actually is xD


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